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Kevin and Carrie are marrying this summer in Oregon and I will have a treat of a wedding with this gorgeous couple. Shot on Portra 400, Contax 645.

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Shoot

Alice In Wonderland0001Alice In Wonderland0002Alice In Wonderland0003Alice In Wonderland0004Alice In Wonderland0005Alice In Wonderland0006Alice In Wonderland0007Alice In Wonderland0008Alice In Wonderland0009Alice In Wonderland0010Alice In Wonderland0011Alice In Wonderland0012Alice In Wonderland0013Alice In Wonderland0014Alice In Wonderland0015Alice In Wonderland0016Alice In Wonderland0017Alice In Wonderland0018Alice In Wonderland0019Alice In Wonderland0020Alice In Wonderland0021Alice In Wonderland0022Alice In Wonderland0023Alice In Wonderland0024Alice In Wonderland0025Alice In Wonderland0026Alice In Wonderland0027Alice In Wonderland0028Alice In Wonderland0029Alice In Wonderland0030Alice In Wonderland0031Alice In Wonderland0032Alice In Wonderland0033Alice In Wonderland0034Alice In Wonderland0035Alice In Wonderland0036Alice In Wonderland0037Alice In Wonderland0038Alice In Wonderland0039Alice In Wonderland0040Alice In Wonderland0041Alice In Wonderland0042Alice In Wonderland0043Alice In Wonderland0044

Growing up Alice in Wonderland has been one of my favorite stories. And how can you not admire her adventurous spirit? Big thanks to all vendors that helped me bring this vision to life: Make up by Kate Tuma, flowers by Donner Flower Shop, dress Ruche, vintage props Iron Horse, album Velvet Raptor, film processing and scanning Indie Film Lab. Cake and handmade backdrop and hat: Marina Koslow. Shot on Fuji 400H, Contax 645, Rollei, Mamiya RZ, Nikon F 100, Petzval lens.